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To make Asia a DeFi hub

We Do

We foster collaboration between leading DeFi protocols in the East and the West, while developing cutting-edge research across 6 key areas outlined below

What We Offer

Product Strategy
& Design

Define target market, iterate with feedback on UI/UX, and plan your roadmap


Partner with top trading firms and access cross-protocol liquidity collaboration opportunities


Design mechanisms to create and capture value with tokenomics


Set up robust community governance with progressive decentralization


Build your Asia community by localizing content, amplifying exposure, and hiring locals


Meet blockchain-native investors with strategic value-add

Our Pioneer Cohort

Founding members


Investor Network

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Annabelle Huang

Partner at Amber Group

Antony Lewis

Director, Investment (Blockchain) at Temasek

Arthur Cheong

Founder of DeFiance Capital

Bobby Bao

Co-Founder of

Bobby Cho

Partner at CMS Holdings

Emma Cui

CEO of LongHash Ventures

Jason Fang

Founder at Sora Ventures

Jehan Chu

Co Founder & Managing Partner of Kenetic

Kain Warwick

Founder of Synthetix

Kaweewut Tong Temphuwapat

Head of SCB 10x

Kelvin Koh

Managing Director at Spartan Group

Leslie Song

Head of Growth in Asia at AAVE

Loi Luu

Co-Founder & CEO of Kyber Network

Michael Wu

Founder & CEO of Amber Group

Mindao Yang

Founder & CEO of dForce

Mukaya (Tai) Panich

Chief Venture and Investment Officer at SCB 10x

Richard Ma

CEO of QuantStamp

Robert Leshner

Founder of Compound

Saurabh Sharma

General Partner at Jump Capital

Shi Khai Wei

COO of LongHash Ventures

Stani Kulechov

Founder and CEO of AAVE

TM Lee

Co-Founder of CoinGecko

Yu Xuan

Co-Founder of SlowMist

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